The word Ciniki comes from the language Hausa where it can mean either business, trade or customer. Hausa is spoken in many countries and is used as a trade language across much of northern Africa.

Ciniki was developed to help small business owners manage their business information and online presence. Ciniki supports a wide variety of businesses but is currently focused on artists, galleries and art clubs. We work closely with our users to adapt the system to meet their specific needs.

We want you to spend less time worrying about your business and more time enjoying life.

Who We Are

Andrew Rivett

Andrew has the head of a software developer and the heart of a hippie who would rather be digging in his garden. At the age of 16 he partnered with his teacher father and together they designed software for students that was fit for the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum. Andrew attended the University of Guelph before he started working in database and web development. 15 years of experience in the industry inspired Andrew to create Ciniki in September 2010.

A twelve year vegetarian he enjoys experimenting in the kitchen with the bounty of his vegetable garden. Andrew also daydreams of building an off-grid cabin in the woods with high speed internet. You can see some of Andrew's drawings and photography at Photofrog.

E: andrew@ciniki.ca